Human Centric Design

How can we utilise the user testing method in an agile sprint project to achieve human-centric results?
Project background
In August 2020, Datacom began working with its client Smart Payroll to re-brand and redesign all its web and mobile payroll products. I took on the role of the User Testing Lead.
To make the user testing experience during agile sprints more human-centric.

“Discovery work happens concurrently and continuously with development work” ~ Jeff Patton

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Credit: Jeff Patton Dual Track Development
1. Understanding how to build a user testing framework that would work with agile sprints as well as the short deadlines before drop one product releases.

2. Not only was this Datacom’s first experience with combining a user testing framework with agile sprints, it was also the first time the company was introduced to the human-centric concept.
I conducted user testing sessions with five users, either on a weekly or fortnightly basis. Once a new design flow was completed, I began collecting assumptions and hypotheses from the client. Based on this information, I created the user testing script and presented it to them to further gain their engagement in the whole framework.

After the user testing sessions were completed, I began affinity mapping to identify themes and WHYs. Next, I start documenting the findings in a presentation, using visual information to make it easier for me to communicate with the stakeholders.
Prototype Five
Lookback tool setup with users at the begining of the session
Prototype Five
Engaging the stackholders with user's quotes
The rapid user testing sessions allowed us to start gathering UX/UI human-centric patterns based on repeated feedback, allowing us to speed up the design process by using those patterns.

It was difficult for some developers and business analysts to accept the user testing method could be combined with agile sprints. So, I encouraged them to attend some sessions as observers.

This resulted in a massive awareness of the importance of user testing, once they heard the feedback from end customers, and greater engagement with this new method of user testing during agile.

In the end, we managed to create Datacom’s first-ever human-centric agile sprint and meet the drop one deadline.
Prototype Five
Include a holistic approach across Web and Mobile.
Prototype Five
Use visual aid in a way that is engaging and easy to understand for all stakeholders, regardless of their background.
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