Connection Assist

How can we reach true innovation through cross-functional thinking?
Project Overview
The brief for this project was to find a digital solution for Chorus, by creating a better and more efficient means of communication for their connection assist feature.

The connection assist feature provides a visit from a Chorus team member, to their customers’ homes to install and fix issues with their internet connection.
The Problem
The problem that Chorus was having with this feature was a lack of communication between the team and the customers.
The solution was to use Mobisite as a digital platform, to communicate and confirm the connection assist visit.
Mobisite is a website that’s only compatible with mobile phones. The use journey solution allows users to access this website at work, home or wherever they are from their phone. It acts as an app, but works like a website. The design needs to be 1 dimension, suitable for a mobile phone.

“You can’t solve a problem on the same level that it was created. You have to rise above it to the next level.” ~ Albert Einstein

“ Venn diagram for innovation”
Why Mobisite?
Mobisite uses cross-functional thinking to create innovation. It does so through viability, desirability and feasibility. We decided to use Mobisite because of the users desire for a mobile app (desirability). However, because customers will only need to use connection assist for a one-off visit, there is no need to create an entire app for people to download.

It isn’t feasible to ask the users to download an app just for a one-off visit, so Mobisite is the better option (feasibility). Mobisite provided the perfect solution, as it is human-centric for the users, and cost-effective for Chorus (viability).
Brand Guideline
Brainstorming results
“ Prototypes version one”
User Journey
✔ Users receive an email detailing the visit from the Chorus team for the connection assist.

✔ This email contains a QR code which directs them to the Mobisite.

✔ The Mobisite has all the information and personal details of each customer, as well as the name and details of the Chorus team member.

✔ This means that customers will be well aware of who to expect, and this can make for a better human connection.

✔ The Mobisite also has the ability for the clients to change their availability, which Chorus will take into consideration when confirming their visit. When the connection assist visit is confirmed, a confirmation email is sent to the user.
Interview Script
“ Prototypes version two ”
During this project, it was my responsibility to lead and create the visual direction of the project. I then translated the idea into sketches, before making it into prototypes.
Creating two versions
On each project I work on, I like to design two versions. This lets the client choose which design they prefer.

This client chose version 2. And once they confirmed this, I handed my design and visual direction over to the team to complete the project, based on my preparation.
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